FAQ - Frequently Asked Question


Why are soy candles better? 

Paraffin is a petroleum-based product, therefore, paraffin candles are not only highly unsustainable and responsible for many environmental calamities. It’s also toxic since burning paraffin candles release two types of carcinogens into the environment, known as toluene and benzene. On the other hand, soy candles are vegan, made from natural sources (soybeans), and burn cleanly into the air.

What's the best way to burn your soy candle?

Every time you light your candle make sure you have the wick centered and Trim it to ¼ inch, burn the candle until the wax is melted all the way across but no longer than four hours at a time, never move or handle the soy candle while burning and keep it away from drafts of air.


How often should I trim my wick?

Trim the wick before or after every burn, to 4 mm. Keep the candle clean from any wick trimmings. 

How to light a candle when the wick is too short?

The best way to light a candle when the wick is too short is to either use a large match, or turn the candle upside down and let the flame reach the wick. 

How to fix buried candle wicks?

Generally a buried candle wick, or also known as a drowned wick, occurs when the wick burns down faster than the wax evaporates, causing it to drown in the melted wax. You can try removing some wax, but chances are it will occur again. 

Why is my candle smoking?

If the flame is flickering or smoking, check for a draft from wind or traffic. Your candle could also be smoking if the wick is too long. If so, extinguish the flame and trim. 


What forms of payment do you take?

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How long does it take to ship

Due to the type of products in our shop, your order may take up to 5 business days to process. Please keep in mind that we have to process and pack your products for shipment, and some items may be more fragile than others. Your delivery time frame will always include the shipment type chosen by you at check out plus the number of days required to process your order.

How can i change or cancel my order?

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What is your return policy?

We offer returns on unused, NON-custom orders within 30 days of receiving the order. Please write to us at info[@]andreurem.com if you have any questions or issues regarding an order.